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We want to amplify voices that are not always heard, and to shine a light on ideas that are not always seen, joined together by a vision of a regenerative and just economy. In the Illumination series, we invite members of our community to share their thoughts, to describe their Good Work, and to provide an inside view of what Just Transition looks like in action. We believe in the life-affirming, connecting, inspiring power of hearing each other’s stories. Please get in touch if you’d like to submit an idea for an article about your Good Work.
By Dr. Kelly Jennings
Language frames our relationship and perspective with the world around and within us.
by Maria Reidelbach
I had a revelation a few years ago, after a lifetime of political and social activism.
by Lisa Taranto
Sometimes I don’t know what to say. What matters anymore, as we are all witness to [...]
By Nejla Liias
In a vast forest, a fire is raging and it is consuming everything. All of the animals [...]
by Vanessa Bertozzi
I never thought I'd run for public office. I'm a pretty private person. I have no [...]
by Lila Glenn Rimalovski
I’m standing before a row of blazing fires, eight of them, each encircled in rocks from [...]
By Corinna Borden
When you spend the night in the hospital, the techs like to take blood around 4:00-5:00am [...]
by Andrew Willner
Rondout Riverport 2040 is a comprehensive plan for remaking and transforming the Rondout Creek and Hudson [...]
By Shawn Berry
The withholding of kindness must be one of the greatest tragedies, for it benefits no one.
by David McCarthy
With the pandemic, we have all been in a period of some degree of isolation and [...]
By Hélène Lesterlin
I am starting to see that racism and capitalism are bedfellows. I encountered the clearest vision [...]
By Micah
Two years ago, I had the pleasure of going to Detroit for the Allied Media Conference.

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These times call for collective action. Your gift is the solid ground that allows us to support and cultivate Good Work: that is, people and initiatives that are rejecting systems of oppression and extraction, and building regenerative economies and thriving communities.