A blog series on GWI’s transition to a worker self-directed nonprofit, moving from a traditional hierarchical structure to shared leadership.

A blog series on what Just Transition looks like in action, refracted through the living experience of people in our community.

A roundup of GWI news, including general announcements, reflections from our team, and links to resources.

A collection of posts and reflections on Rooted Resources – a festival and series that shines a light on localizing economic power to nurture solidarity, awareness, and action.

Articles and personal reflections from the GWI team as they navigate their lives and their shared work.

Welcome to our blog!

We invite you to dive into posts from GWI workers as well as invited contributors from our Network. We have a few blog series to offer you: in the Illumination series, you can learn about Just Transition-aligned initiatives and explore reflections from members of our community; or join us as we share the twists and turns of our journey from a traditional nonprofit to one in which we all share governance in Sharing Power; or catch up with our more personal reflections in Notes from the Field.

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By Jennifer Montalbano
The medicine of right relationship is always there for us, patiently waiting like a mother for her child to find his way home. The prescription is as simple as it is profound — a felt experience of connection.
By Micah
There is more than one way to skin a cat. The violence simply isn’t necessary. There is in fact more than one way to pet a cat.
By Dr. Kelly Jennings
Language frames our relationship and perspective with the world around and within us.
By Micah
It’s been a challenging start to the year. Last week a colleague said February is the new January, implying the need to begin again. 
By Susan Grove
We can be under so much pressure to always produce, produce, produce. I get that. Yet there are power dynamics in our midst that may be holding back our shared efforts.
By Hélène Lesterlin
An overview of the program, to give a sense of the breadth of topics we encountered and discussed together in this intensive learning and design process.
By Hélène Lesterlin (Steward, Community Fund Circle)
From the beginning we were committed to this process being just, emergent, open to experimentation, and grounded in collaboration and learning.
By Clay Moodey, member of the Community Fund Design Group
At its core, this project is about shifting power. As the first stage of the design process wraps, I’d like to share some reflections about my experience and perspective about power through the design process.