A blog series on GWI’s transition to a worker self-directed nonprofit, moving from a traditional hierarchical structure to shared leadership.

A blog series on what Just Transition looks like in action, refracted through the living experience of people in our community.

A roundup of GWI news, including general announcements, reflections from our team, and links to resources.

A collection of posts and reflections on Rooted Resources – a festival and series that shines a light on localizing economic power to nurture solidarity, awareness, and action.

Articles and personal reflections from the GWI team as they navigate their lives and their shared work.

Welcome to our blog!

We invite you to dive into posts from GWI workers as well as invited contributors from our Network. We have a few blog series to offer you: in the Illumination series, you can learn about Just Transition-aligned initiatives and explore reflections from members of our community; or join us as we share the twists and turns of our journey from a traditional nonprofit to one in which we all share governance in Sharing Power; or catch up with our more personal reflections in Notes from the Field.

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By Micah
Nate Hagens makes a strong case for choosing a different path forward. What struck me most, is that just how much the answers are rooted in love.
By Caitlin and Micah
Did you know GWI provides fiscal sponsorship? To date, we have helped over 20 projects access nearly $5 million in donations. What started as a service provided in response to a request has grown into a core program of the Good Work Institute. We see our fiscally-sponsored projects as partners in our mission to build collective power.
By Susan Grove
By Micah
The overarching theme of the course, Surviving the Future, was collapse: the collapse of the systems that uphold our current societies, especially looking at climate change as the initiator. From my perspective, there is a deep connection to Just Transition.
By Susan, Aja and Micah (GWI Worker Trustees)
We spend most of our time at work, so what better place than our workplaces to learn to practice democracy and work toward a Just Transition?
By Hélène Lesterlin
We invite you to participate in a democratic process for designing a Just Transition-aligned pilot community fund for the city of Kingston! More info here.
By Susan Grove
“If you’re someone who tends to not speak a lot, please move up into a role of speaking more. If you tend to speak a lot, please move up into a role of listening more.” - The AORTA Cooperative
By Hélène Lesterlin
Starting today, we are hosting community forums on the Kingston Community Fund. This page is a growing resource vault for anyone who might like to explore info we are unearthing as we go on this learning journey together.