Liberation of the Imagination

Creativity is essential to transforming the world.


Liberation of the Imagination is an ongoing program area seeking to provide supported spaces of creation in the form of art exhibitions and workshops.

To be truly visionary we have to root our imagination in our concrete reality while simultaneously imagining possibilities beyond that reality.

– bell hooks

Resisting Erasure is the first art exhibit at the Greenhouse. From July 11th – October 8th 2022 the Greenhouse features the photography of Onaje Benjamin and sculptures and mixed media work by Shirley Parker-Benjamin.

Hanging on the wall in the Greenhouse is artist Thorneater’s interpretation of the discussions and wisdom shared during the Surviving The Future Unconference held in 2019.

GOOD WORK – Artist: Brian Kaspr

Good Work is a public art evolution of Brian Kaspr’s background in graphic design and typography reflecting both his love of lettering and of painting as a process. The mural was created using three overlapping layers of lettering, not intended to be read or to communicate an explicit message but to create a color field of energy, geometry, and abstracted letter forms. The mural Good Work was created with input from the folks at Good Work Institute who shared language with Kaspr that is core to the principals of the work they do but who also trusted the artist to express himself freely. Their only request was that the color green be included, as the location is called ” The Greenhouse” and that the ‘G’ of Good Work Institute be legible.

Good Work Institute commissioned five local artists to create pieces representing GWI’s five principles of Just Transition.

Read more on our Just Transition Artwork page.

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