We foster and support Good Work: that is, people and initiatives that are rejecting systems of oppression and extraction, and building regenerative economies and thriving communities.

Community Fund

We are working towards the creation of a Community Fund – a fund designed and run by the Kingston community.


GWI workshops aim to catalyze people to build collective systemic change, on a foundation of justice and personal awareness.


The GWI Network provides a way to connect a community of people working towards Just Transition in the places we live and work.

Communities of Practice

At GWI, we believe in the radical, generative potential of facilitated working groups to create new solutions to challenges.

Fiscal Sponsorship

Through our fiscal sponsorship program, the Good Work Institute provides support to Just Transition-aligned initiatives, enabling new ideas to take root quickly and effectively.


The Good Work Fellowship tapped into the potential to catalyze place-based Good Work by facilitating experiential learning, collaboration, and connections among cohorts of Fellows based throughout the region.