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We Can Help You Do Your Good Work

Micah and Caitlin can help!

Our fiscal sponsorship and mentoring program supports the work and ongoing development of mission-aligned organizations throughout the Hudson Valley.

To learn more or apply, please contact Caitlin Dourmashkin at

We are proud to provide fiscal sponsorship to:

Rise Up Kingston is building collaborative community economies in kingston, centered on collective social and environmental needs by dismantling the structures of institutional racism and oppression in our community through civic engagement, education and advocacy.

The Center for Post Carbon Logistics provides the pragmatic means for the Hudson Valley to survive the decades ahead and to determine no-nonsense implementable methods of transitioning away from the use of fossil fuels for transporting goods and passengers.

Oika Academy works to empower forward-thinking, motivated people to design innovative new career paths that integrate individual and planetary prosperity.

Omnymyst consults with people and organizations to build equity, interdependence, and authentic connection.