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Collaboration, cooperation, imagination, shared leadership, wisdom, and personal growth are all vehicles and skills that collectively move us towards Just Transition. In this Resources area, we aim to provide options and explorations that range from info-packed articles to facilitation plans, sharing insights we have learned through our own work and resources that we find useful on the journey towards rejecting extractive practices and embracing new ways of doing and being.

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Collaborative Working Groups

In its essence, a working group is formed when a small group of people gather to commit to collective learning, action and practice. To be effective, the group must be built on a foundation of effective collaboration. Collaboration is not an automatic result of a desire to work together well, but flows from intentional, ongoing practices that develop the awareness and capacities of the members of the working group over time. 

Browse these tips and tools to support the design and facilitation of effective, healthy, collaborative working groups. These resources are appropriate for any group of people who are joining together to advance an area of work or learning together, from activist initiatives to campaign huddles to community members taking on a local project. The resources are written specifically to support the stewards (co-leaders) of the group.