GWI workshops aim to catalyze people to build collective systemic change, on a foundation of justice and personal awareness.

We believe Just Transition will be realized through the efforts of individuals who have committed to being on a lifelong journey of learning and action.

We create learning experiences that allow us to collectively deepen our understanding of why our extractive economy is untenable, co-create visions for what else is possible, and hone skills that enable us to move towards building regenerative communities.

June 24, 2021
Spaces Intended for Us: An Experience of Transgender Discrimination
One in a series of online explorations of motivation and means to attend to social equity in the...
July 7, 2021
Shared Leadership and Democracy in the Workplace (1 of 3)
Join GWI as we explore the tools, policies, and culture of shared leadership and democratic decision making. CLICK...
July 9, 2021
Shared Leadership and Democracy in the Workplace (2 of 3)
Join GWI as we explore the tools, policies, and culture of shared leadership and democratic decision making. CLICK...

Building on our experiences delivering curriculum to six cohorts of Fellows, we facilitate various programs, from shorter foundational workshops focused on concepts and tools, to longer, experiential offerings that combine cohort-based learning with practice. A partial list of offerings:

  • Just Transition Primer is our introductory, interactive workshop that offers a deeper understanding of the Just Transition framework and principles, using video, personal reflection, story sharing, and small group discussion.
  • Spaces Intended for Us storytelling workshops spotlight the lived experiences of people across an array of often marginalized identities – whether Latinx, Black or other POC; LGBTQ+; people with accessibility needs; immigrants – to grow awareness and motivate action.
  • Radical Mindfulness workshops are rooted in contemplative practices for deeper inner seeing of systems of inequity and for support in acknowledging injustices.
  • Navigating Conflict is a multi-week training in nonviolent communication designed for activists and community members to engender embodied self-connection, build capacity to reach out for support, and relate to ourselves and one another with empathy. 
  • Developing a Social Equity Practice is a 3-day retreat to grapple with power, privilege and difference, and emerge with a clear framework to facilitate individual and organizational awareness of changes needed and ways to work toward them.

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GWI has offered me a key way to stay in relation to my neighbors in these times of isolation. From a masked meetup with Micah to discuss Lovecraft Country to the screening and discussion of Dave Chappelle’s 8:46 hosted by Terri, Aja, and Micah at CO’s inside-outside space in Rhinebeck, to online programs on Radical Mindfulness and Just Transition, GWI events have been safe places to be open, share, listen and take heart.

Nancy Graham
based in Kingston

This was an incredibly generative and meaningful workshop. From setting the tone and intentions of our time together, through the embodiment practices, to the opportunities to share in large and small groups, the facilitators held and inspired space for self-connection, community connection and radical imagination. Thank you so much. This workshop felt like a gift.

Julie S.
Reality & Possibility: Exploring Cognitive Dissonance & Collective Resonance workshop (Dec 2020)