We are community builders, facilitators, citizens, listeners, volunteers, dancers, activists, gardeners, parents, artists, designers, and we are all deeply committed to Just Transition in our lives, relationships, and Good Work.

In forwarding our mission, we strive to manifest our values by practicing shared leadership: the Good Work Institute is a worker self-directed nonprofit. You can read about our transition to this cooperative leadership model in our blog series Sharing Power.

Our Team

Worker Trustee
Worker Trustee, Operations Steward
Worker Trustee, Communications Steward, Development Steward
Worker Trustee
Worker Trustee, Academy Steward
Worker Trustee

Board of Directors

BOD Nominations

The Good Work Institute is currently recruiting members of our network to join our organization’s board of directors. Our goal is to welcome three new board members this summer, and another three new members early in 2023. We are looking for engaged individuals who share the Good Work Institute’s commitment to Just Transition, and are enthusiastic about using their skills to further the mission of our organization.

We welcome your nominations to invite an amazing community member into the process to be considered for a Board seat with the Good Work Institute.