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Rooted Resources

By hosting a diversity of voices and sharing the workings of vital initiatives, the Rooted Resources series provides a clearer vision of what “democratizing wealth, communities, and work” means, refracted through the living experience and the emerging projects of the people who are making change today. This series grows out of the Rooted Resources Festival (May 12-15, 2022) and provides another way for us to learn about each other’s Good Work.
By Alejandro Juárez Crawford
Technology has provided a fertile field for those working to destabilize democracy around the world. Can we turn this on its head, and use tech to democratize the creation of what comes next?
By Hélène Lesterlin, GWI Worker Trustee
We would like to invite you to submit a blog post for the Rooted Resources blog series. Read on for info on guidelines and submissions.

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