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Notes from the Field

Articles and personal reflections from the GWI team as they navigate their lives and their shared work.
By Micah
Micah reflects on why pronouns matter and why we ask for them.
by Aja Schmeltz
The chronic blatant disregard for human life in this country is profoundly disgusting. With every news [...]
By Micah, with Susan Grove
Working as a part of a shared leadership team has impacted my life in more ways [...]
by Susan Grove
Shared leadership. Sharing power. Someone recently asked me what checks and balances the WSDNP model has [...]
by Hélène Lesterlin, with Susan Grove
I needed that. It released something. We were in an all-hands meeting, and the relatively [...]
By Aja Schmeltz
Home. What does that mean to you? Is it a place? Is it an idea? Is [...]
By Caitlin Dourmashkin
A few months ago, our co-Worker Susan told us about Move Up, Move Up, a l[...]
By Susan Grove
In the conversations that swirl around being worker self-directed, here’s one of the most frequent [...]
By Micah, with Susan Grove
Personally, I think I’m good at playing the support role. I have played this role many [...]
By Terri Hall
A few springs ago, one of my friend’s daughters spent the night alone in the woods [...]
by Micah, with Susan Grove
Last February, I was on a panel discussing the Race To Lead Survey at Non-Profit [...]
by Hélène Lesterlin, with Susan Grove
I started at Good Work Institute seven weeks ago. It still feels unfamiliar, fresh, there’s still [...]

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