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Season of Rest

By Aja Schmeltz

Happy Autumn! 

It is no secret that this is my absolute favorite time of the year. The sunrises and sunsets are particularly vibrant, the colors of our local flora are fantastic, and the bite of the evening air just invites you to snuggle up near a warm fire with a spicy beverage. 

I am always very busy during this time of the year. Striking the balance between family, work, play and rest is always a trick, but lack of energy isn’t usually a problem. Sure, I get tired, but I don’t lose my motivation. I find that I always get an extra boost of energy during these months. Why? Because I am prepping for the highly anticipated, much needed slow-down that comes with winter!

I equate this heightened energy to the final months of pregnancy. During the last trimester, expectant mothers often report feeling energized and excited. She’s nesting. She’s preparing herself and her home for the arrival of new life. Much like that expectant mother, I am nesting. I am shedding everything that no longer serves me. I am composting old feelings (and old plants). I am completing unfinished projects and stocking up the pantry (literally and figuratively). I am deep-cleaning my home and my life, creating space and freedom to slow down to rest and reflect. I am doing all of this in order to prepare for the new projects, adventures and life that arrive with spring. 

This annual practice sounds much easier than it often feels, but it is totally necessary for me. I am hyper-aware of how much I need to move with intention and maintain my energy during these final months of the year. Having reliable practices and a support structure are essential for me during this transition. I am grateful to have both. They help to keep me grounded, and as present as I can be, in order to keep things moving forward. 

One practice that I am particularly fond of is sound bathing. It provides me with mind and body relaxation and a level of clarity that can sometimes be hard for me to achieve when my plate is overfull. 

If you are interested in sound bathing, I invite you to join us at the GWI Greenhouse on Saturday, October 21st at 6pm for SEASON OF REST – A Sound Healing.  

Wishing you all a season of rest. 

With love, 


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