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A roundup of GWI news, including general announcements, reflections from our team, and links to resources.
By Micah
Nate Hagens makes a strong case for choosing a different path forward. What struck me most, is that just how much the answers are rooted in love.
By Caitlin and Micah
Did you know GWI provides fiscal sponsorship? To date, we have helped over 20 projects access nearly $5 million in donations. What started as a service provided in response to a request has grown into a core program of the Good Work Institute. We see our fiscally-sponsored projects as partners in our mission to build collective power.
By Susan, Aja and Micah (GWI Worker Trustees)
We spend most of our time at work, so what better place than our workplaces to learn to practice democracy and work toward a Just Transition?
By Hélène Lesterlin
We invite you to participate in a democratic process for designing a Just Transition-aligned pilot community fund for the city of Kingston! More info here.
By Micah, Hélène and Aja
We are excited to announce that we’re exploring the creation of a community-designed, community-controlled fund.
Aja, Caitlin, Hélène, Micah, Susan, and Terri
The days are getting shorter, the light coming through the trees hits the windows at a [...]
Aja, Caitlin, Hélène, Micah, Susan, and Terri
Are you crafting moments of relief and peace? Radical self care is a real, living thing.
by Micah, with Susan Grove
It's Juneteenth. On Wednesday, I took part in the Wednesday Walk 4 Black Lives here in [...]
Aja, Caitlin, Hélène, Micah, Susan, and Terri
We are rising up and calling for justice. With protests filling the streets and town squares [...]
Aja, Caitlin, Hélène, Micah, Susan, and Terri
Depending where you look, how you’re feeling in that moment, it can feel like the worst [...]
Aja, Caitlin, Hélène, Micah, Susan, and Terri
Spring is here. With all its vagaries of rain, mud, sunshine, and frost. With all its [...]

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