Spaces Intended for Us: Queer Women, Homophobia and Misogyny

One in a series of online explorations of motivation and means to attend to social equity in the spaces we create in our work and lives


About this event

It has been documented time and time again that straight, cis-gendered men harass lesbians who don’t subscribe to traditional stereotypes of gender. What threat does androgyny pose to the patriarchy and what are the benefits of being a woman free from the male gaze? Julie Novak explores these questions in an excerpt from her one person show, America’s Next Top.

There is a difference between creating spaces – whether inside ourselves or in the world – that are “welcome to all” versus “intended for you.” In the former people can come in without assurance of being included. The latter puts attention into creating spaces that take into account the perspectives and needs of the array of human identities too often relegated to the margins, whether Latinx, Black or other people of color; LGBTQ+; people with accessibility needs; immigrants; elders; etc.

This workshop will braid strands of mindfulness; stories from personal experience and the media, and; and reflections prompted by these stories and by your own experiences. This weave of considering the universal aspects of narrative, focusing our attention in the present moment, and tuning into our thoughts and questions, will spur our exploration and dialogue of what is; what it could mean to create spaces intended for all of us; and what it would mean for our own Good Work to commit to taking action to get there.

This workshop is one in a series featuring story curators and tellers from different marginalized groups sharing their personal stories in order to provoke listeners to ask “what changes can I make within my heart, life, communities and organizations to truly make the spaces created intended for all?”