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  • Fall Workshops + Introductions: August 2020 Newsletter

    The days are getting shorter, the light coming through the trees hits the windows at a different angle. Is that a cooler breeze in the evening? Summer is entering its last weeks, and with it, our attention is heightened on the challenges of the fall. For some, that means accepting that school will not be … Continued

    Tools we need for Just Transition: July 2020 Newsletter

    Are you crafting moments of relief and peace? Radical self care is a real, living thing. To maintain stamina and resilience within ourselves for this period of transformation, we need to take care of ourselves and the people who love and support us.  Rest, kindness, movement, creativity, and appreciation are the essential nourishment we need to … Continued

    Just Transition and Black Lives: June 2020 Newsletter

    We are rising up and calling for justice. With protests filling the streets and town squares throughout the Hudson Valley, in communities all over the country, and now also across the world, the depth of our frustration, rage, and grief is hard to overstate. The senseless, tragic deaths of so many people of color has … Continued

    Solidarity, Connection, And Hope: May 2020 Newsletter

    Depending where you look, how you’re feeling in that moment, it can feel like the worst of times or an unexpected, blessed pause, often in quick succession, sometimes simultaneously. The challenges we are facing, as a global community experiencing this novel coronavirus, are unprecedented in their reach. The ripple effects of the pandemic are shuddering … Continued

    Community Resilience And Transitions Ahead: April 2020 Newsletter

    Spring is here. With all its vagaries of rain, mud, sunshine, and frost. With all its signs of new life in the red buds on the trees, in the high-pitched chime of spring peepers in the wetlands, in intense shades of green shyly returning to alleyways and roadsides and backyards, we welcome this change in … Continued

    Social Connection and Social Distancing for Community Wellbeing

    Dear GWI community, We stand for collective health and well-being. We believe that it is exactly in times such as these that we must band together and support each other, to overcome fear, to protect the vulnerable, and to deepen our commitment to connection, collaboration, creativity, and love.  As a community, we celebrate courage and … Continued

    GWI Newsletter: December 2019

    We woke to a snowy landscape again today! The beauty of winter is here, and we are grateful for the warmth of our extended families and our vibrant network of friends and colleagues doing Good Work near and far. The Opening of GWI’s Greenhouse on November 8th was a wonderful celebration and housewarming! Over 200 of … Continued

    Opening the Greenhouse! October 2019 Newsletter

    Autumn, with its ephemeral beauty, reminds us to take in the present moment, even as we gear up for new work and changes ahead. It’s hard not to feel that back-to-school sense of possibility and renewed commitment!  In the last year, we at GWI have been navigating a slew of changes that realign our Good … Continued

    Just Transition, Fellowship and Greenhouse Updates: June 2019 Newsletter

    Transition is inevitable. Justice is not.– Quinton Sankofa, Movement Generation  Happy Spring into Summer, dear friends! Over the past few months, the GWI team has been in deep conversation around what we mean by “Good Work.” Inspired by the words and work of Movement Generation, we are finding much resonance with their principles of the Just Transition … Continued

    April Newsletter

    “We cannot stop the winter or the summer from coming. We cannot stop the spring or the fall or make them other than they are. They are gifts from the universe that we cannot refuse. But we can choose what we will contribute to life when each arrives.” – Gary Zukav, Solstice Joy Indeed, every … Continued