Aileah Kvashay

This is Aileah’s ninth season as the owner and manager of Clove Valley Community Farm in High Falls, NY. Aileah is a passionate vegetable-grower, entrepreneur, teacher, community-builder, and artist… and the farm has been an amazing canvas for all of these! She consistently hosts a variety of community events, including work-parties, equinox or solstice fires, art shows and performances, workshops, potlucks, and an annual plant sale. She loves to host apprentices who come to learn by working together, and to experience her unique land-based community lifestyle. School groups and any individual seeking a healing and educational experience are welcome to come join a work-session and share a meal. Every Wednesday afternoon from June-Oct, Aileah can be found at the Woodstock Farm Festival selling vegetables and herbal tea. She is currently exploring ways to expand her work in the community, and to bring even more community to the farm.