Creek is a husband, father, musician, and the owner/director of Seed Song Farm & Center. The 50-acre agroecological farm grows chemical-free produce available through weekly CSA pick-up socials at the farm, while the center conducts food- and farm-based educational programs (for examples, youth summer camp and adult lactofermented food workshops) and collaborative cultural and arts events (such as Halloween Fest with My KIngston KIds, Hudson Valley Brassroots Festival, and seasonal celebrations with Neetopk Keetopk) surrounding the farming. The mission of the enterprise is to re-kindle a cultural reverence for our land by making healthy food and farm experiences available to all, and celebrating the land and its bounty together. Creek formerly was an environmental educator, naturalist, and teacher. He continues to make music at local farm and community events, and to work towards a governance that prioritizes taking care of each other.