Stephanie Alinsug is a designer and activist residing in Highland. She’s currently the Brand & Community Manager at Bread Alone where she executes creative design and brand strategy for both internal and customer-facing facets of the brand at large. She spends her off-hours exploring the intersection of personal values and professional development, and daily seeks to integrate intersectional feminism and collaborative leadership into our politics, workplaces, and lives. Having grown-up in the Hudson Valley, she recognizes the inherent value of rooting in a place actively bridging the gap between city and wilderness. She attended NYU and went on to spend a formative portion of her twenties working on farmstead dairies across the country. After a period of wanderlust, she’s finally settled back in the Hudson Valley where she and her husband are raising their own tiny herd of their vibrant daughter, a nervous rescue dog, and a feisty flock of chickens.