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Notes from the Field: Phases of Transition

by Aja Schmeltz

Like the moon, I’m going through phases in this process. When discussions started happening around our transition to a Worker Self Directed Non-Profit (WSDNP), I was excited (Phase 1)! This was it! Radical change was happening right here and I had an opportunity to not just be a part of it, but to help shape it! Let’s do this thing! 

Then a slight bit of fear crept in, and questions came rushing in (Phase 2). What does this transition really look like? Who is steering this ship? If no one is in charge, who is making the decisions? How is this going to work? If there is going to be the slightest bit of jockeying for power, how are we going to get any work done? 

Don’t get it twisted now, I’m totally down with a flat organizational structure. I welcome it with open arms. But in a society that thrives on hierarchy, this really felt a bit daunting. Luckily, there are resources available dedicated to these types of transitions (SELC, Michael Haber, Movement Generation). 

I have been immersing myself in research, all kinds of research. But my favorite method of info gathering is going out into the world and speaking directly with people (Phase 3). So many people have expressed genuine interest in this process, and it has been a great pleasure having very open, honest conversations about it. 

So what has changed? My view on what is possible. How I see myself in this movement. What my ACTUAL role is in this work. This isn’t easy, but anything worth a damn never is. Stay tuned!

Articles and personal reflections from the GWI team as they navigate their lives and their shared work.

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