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Tools we need for Just Transition: July 2020 Newsletter

Aja, Caitlin, Hélène, Micah, Susan, and Terri

Are you crafting moments of relief and peace? Radical self care is a real, living thing. To maintain stamina and resilience within ourselves for this period of transformation, we need to take care of ourselves and the people who love and support us. 

Rest, kindness, movement, creativity, and appreciation are the essential nourishment we need to sustain, to be able to move forward with strength, to engage the difficult and worthy work that calls us on the path to Just Transition. Create and celebrate beautiful experiences this month – out in nature, at home, within community, with friends, allies and family – despite this summer’s dystopian rituals of face masks, socially distanced gatherings, and staycations.

Care for ourselves and each other is not a luxury, it is an essential part of the toolkit for change.

At GWI, we cultivate the tools we all need for Just Transition:

  • We believe that staying grounded, mindful, and full of gratitude is key.
  • We know that perfection in communication is near impossible, especially when we are reaching across divides of understanding; what we work towards is a commitment to an ongoing refinement of our own ability to listen and to speak with empathy, using nonviolent language.
  • We discover that it is in collaboration that work deepens and has impact, and collaboration requires skills in shared leadership that we need to cultivate. None of these practices are easy to come by, but they enrich and sustain us.

We are so grateful for you and this community. It is by coming together, over and over again, practicing the values that we share and the skills that we need, that Just Transition is made possible. It takes all of us committing to our Good Work: one project, one relationship, one march, one village, one dream, at a time.

See our complete newsletter for ways we can support your Good Work toolkit this summer.

In solidarity, 
Aja, Caitlin, Hélène, Micah, Susan, and Terri
Worker Trustees of the Good Work Institute

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