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We invite you to submit to the Rooted Resources blog series!

By Hélène Lesterlin, GWI Worker Trustee

This post launches a new series that grows out of the Rooted Resources festival (May 12-15, 2022) to provide another way for us to learn about each other’s Good Work.

By hosting a diversity of voices and shining a light on vital initiatives in our community, the Rooted Resources series provides a clearer vision of what it means when we talk about “democratizing wealth, communities, and work” as part of Just Transition. We hope the festival and the conversation it engenders ripple out, far and wide. This is a space to share reflections and ideas with each other.

We would like to invite you to submit a post for the Rooted Resources blog series.

We would love to include your voice, your perspective, and your project. If you are interested in sharing your Good Work with us in this way, please read on for more details on submitting your post.

Questions?   Contact me: Hélène Lesterlin, GWI Worker Trustee

Ready to Submit? Send us your post along with your bio via our Submission Form.

Why we’re hosting this series:

We want to provide a way to shine a light on the work of people, organizations, and community initiatives that are collectively bringing about Just Transition – particularly focused here on the principle of “democratizing wealth, communities and the work”. We want to lift up examples and voices in our community that are building equitable access to and control of capital, a baseline of financial security, and leaning into the creation of robust systems for shared resources and shared joy. How can we move beyond division, scarcity, and financial insecurity into a future of collective stewardship and care, shared resources, and abundance?

Practical Details:

  • Word limit: 500
  • Your article will be posted on the GWI blog, as part of the “Rooted Resources” series
  • You will work with an editor from GWI who will provide suggestions and light edits. You will be able to approve the final version before we post it.
  • Once your post has been accepted, we ask that you please provide:
    •  A photo to accompany your post
    • A 75-word max bio at the end of the post (which can include links).
  • We reserve the right to choose not to publish a post if the post doesn’t align with the spirit or intent of this series, or if the author does not complete all the steps above!

GWI’s role:

We see the role of GWI here as providing a platform for the open exchange of ideas. We are committed to encouraging listening and learning across a diverse array of people, who themselves bring different perspectives and life experiences to their writing and sharing. We do not see this as a unified mouthpiece for GWI, but rather a manifestation of our desire to illuminate Just Transition through spotlighting Good Work! 

As always, we aim to provide a place to uplift voices that are not always heard, and to shine a light on ideas that are not always seen, joined by a shared vision of a regenerative and just economy. We do not shy away from opinions that may clash, because we believe it is vital for all of us to practice active listening, and we will provide guardrails and framing devices to ensure that we are a place for respectful sharing and open-minded discussion. We also think it would be great to get some #realtalk out there, and to support strong voices as well as quieter ones. 

Idea starters / How to structure your post: 

  • You can write in your own voice! We are not looking for formality or neutrality. 
  • Creative forms encouraged: poetry, essays, stream of consciousness, reflecting on something you encountered, sharing about your work.
  • How does your work fit with the principles of Just Transition, particularly the focus of the Rooted Resources Festival that is “democratizing wealth, communities and work”?
  • What does that topic bring to mind for you? 
  • What work are you engaged in that is driving towards or manifesting that principle?
  • Do you have a call to action or a way for other people to get involved?

Info / Disclaimer (to be added to the bottom of each post, in italics, after the bio)

The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Good Work Institute or any other agency, organization, employer or company. And since we are critically-thinking human beings, these views are always subject to change, revision, and rethinking at any time. Please do not hold anyone accountable to them in perpetuity.

Rooted Resources posts give us a clearer vision of what “democratizing wealth” means, refracted through the living experience and emerging projects of people making change today. This series grows out of the Rooted Resources Festival (May 12-15, 2022) and the Community Fund design project.

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