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Social Connection and Social Distancing for Community Wellbeing

By Terri, Aja, Hélène, Caitlin, Micah, and Susan
Dear GWI community, We stand for collective health and well-being. We believe that it is exactly in times such as these that we must band together and support each other, to overcome fear, to protect the vulnerable, and to deepen our commitment to connection, collaboration, creativity, and love. As a community, we celebrate courage and we advocate for level-headed, heart-centered support. There are people making tough choices today, because they don’t have the same options for flexibility in their work lives or in their personal lives, or because they are dealing directly with this novel coronavirus. There are also so many organizations, nonprofits, and venues all around the region making hard choices – cancelling anticipated events and gatherings. We recognize that this is having a huge impact and we encourage supporting these orgs in other ways. We know it is of vital importance that we all prioritize health and safety in our communities right now. After reviewing guidelines and supportive practices in the face of this unprecedented pandemic, we have decided to suspend our in-person public programming, while putting extra care and attention to ways we can connect rather than isolate ourselves. Here are a few things we are doing to support you and your Good Work over the next 30 days:
  • All GWI public gatherings and programming will be suspended, cancelled and/or rescheduled.
    • Our workshop scheduled for this weekend – “Developing a Social Equity Practice” – is cancelled. Stay tuned for a new date.
    • Our “Just Transition in Action” workshop is still on the calendar for April 25th.
    • We are developing ways for our GWI community to connect remotely, for conversation, learning, and moving our work forward. We will be sharing those opportunities via email and on our social channels soon.
  • The Greenhouse will only be open to GWI and resident companies’ essential staff.
    • Most GWI workers will be working from home for this period of time – but are available to you as always by phone, email, and video conference!
    • All meetings, gatherings and social events by GWI and partner organizations will be cancelled, postponed, or redesigned for an online gathering.
    • We offer to support your meetings via video conferencing. Please email us if you would like this type of support.
  • Our new online platform for the GWI Network is now open to GWI Fellows – we will be providing opportunities for connection and engagement there, and look forward to discovering all the capabilities of this digital community with you.
    • The GWI Network is our foundational program. Please connect with us if you are interested to know more.
  • If you are not yet connected to us on TwitterInstagramFacebook or LinkedIn – please use this opportunity to do so! We are boosting our engagement this month and would love for you to join us!
We will be reassessing things in real time as we see how the next few weeks unfold, and will be staying in touch! In solidarity, Terri, Aja, Hélène, Caitlin, Micah, and Susan The Worker Trustees of the Good Work Institute

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