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A Conversation With Nate Hagens

By Micah

On Tuesday May 2, we hosted Nate Hagens, creator of the Great Simplification podcast, here in Kingston. Nate often talks about what he refers to as Energy Blindness. His presentation dives deep into the many layers of our current predicament, peeling back the veil and dispelling the narratives we have been given. Following the presentation is a Q&A.

Speaking about the future from an honest account of the present can, for many, carry a sense of hopelessness. We have not been very good stewards, and in spite of warning signs, we have a tendency to carry on as though tomorrow is guaranteed to be better. Nate Hagens makes a strong case for choosing a different path forward. What struck me most, is how much the answers are rooted in love.

After hearing the presentation and listening to people’s questions and Nate’s responses, it occured to me that the presentation is a love story. It is a love of life, a love of people and the planet that drives this work. Nate’s call for a Great Simplification is out of love. Perhaps, as humans all the ‘things’ we create and build our lives around, which in turn produce so much harm and just in the way of what we are truly looking for – love.

You can view the talk in its entirety here:

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