Practicing Self Care as BIPOC

Hosted by Micah and Terri

A couple of weekends ago, Micah, Manuel and Erica all attended a FREE Soul Spa Wellness Weekend for BIPOC Leaders at Dharmakaya Center For Wellbeing in Pine Bush NY. It was organized by The Holistic Health Community (formerly known as the Rondout Valley Holistic Health Community) in Collaboration with The Morty and Gloria Wolosoff Foundation and also co-sponsored by The Hudson Valley Guild of Mental Health Professionals.

Together we speak about the retreat, their takeaways and the importance of self-care as a practice. 

Photo – view from Dharmakaya Center For Wellbeing.

Good Work Humbly Honors Workers and Places with Matt Stinchcomb

Hosted by Susan and Micah

How do we show up to our ongoing learning, listening for what needs to be tended to and honoring the essence of a place and its people? When we can get beyond capitalist myths of separateness and endless growth and act from an understanding that economy means management of home, we can see – in the words of guest Matt Stinchcomb – that “ecological repair includes economic repair.” Too many are trapped by a system with misplaced values designed to accumulate wealth and power for a few, which puts greater responsibility on those who are afforded much “ability to respond.” In this episode, Matt discusses the importance of being open to what we don’t know and listening to what is emerging in an effort to increasingly and align our work with callings to do no harm, make things better, and together move toward an economic system centered on ecological and social well-being.

Matt Stinchcomb recently co-founded Partners for Climate Action, where he serves on the management team and stewards a project called The Library of Local. Partners for Climate Action offers strategically-placed resources to communities in the Hudson Valley who are working to repair our natural systems, mend our civic fabric, and usher in a more cooperative and resilient future. Prior to that, he co-founded Place Corps, an educational program dedicated to cultivating a call to know, love, and serve our places, and founded the Good Work Institute, in 2015, where he currently serves on the board of directors. He also serves on the board of directors for the Schumacher Center for New Economics and the Hawthorne Valley Association. Before working in the nonprofit sector, Matt was the VP, Values and Impact at He lives in Gallatin, NY with his wife and three children.


Doing Community Differently: Cantine’s Island Cohousing in Saugerties

Living beside the Esopus Creek, we deepen our community through cooperative work, play and breaking bread together. This is the vision of the Cantine’s Island Cohousing Community in Saugerties, a family-friendly neighborhood where multi-generational members live cooperatively in nineteen privately-owned homes sitting on over 9.5 acres of community-owned land.  On this episode of The Good Work Hour, co-hosts Terri and Susan are joined by Cara DeVito and Dorothy Varner, two residents of this isolation-disrupting community that works towards a Just Transition.

Cara DeVito is an independent documentary filmmaker, who worked at NBC Network News in NYC for 20 years, as an editor and producer of news segments. The overarching focus of her work is telling stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to overcome injustice.  She relocated to the Hudson Valley from NYC 22 years ago. In the Hudson Valley she produced films at the FDR Presidential Library, has worked with autistic children, and for the Omega Institute.  In her quest for ways to build community, she joined the Cantine’s Island Cohousing community in Saugerties, 8 years ago.

Dorothy Varner serves  as the outdoor educator for the Middle Way School in Saugerties. She also offers nature programs for young people through a local Boys and Girls Club. A peripatetic adventurous spirit has nurtured her love of wild places, and beings, and she lives gratefully with a clear sense that sharing awe and wonder is her service to the world she loves.  (the National Cohousing Association site)   (if you want to check out Cara’s video site)

Chris Hewitt & Melissa Orozco: Exchanging, Teaching and Sharing Abundance in Their Community

Hosted by Aja Schmeltz & Susan Grove

On this episode we chat with Christ Hewitt & Melissa Orozco from The Hudson Valley Current. We take a dive into the different tributaries that flow into the Hudson Valley Current organization: The Current, Tilda’s Kitchen & Market and Livelihood Magazine. We discuss what it means to be in community and how we as individuals and organizations can be the engines that keep communities afloat. Curious about how local currencies work? Want to know how Chris uses broccoli in his desserts? Take a listen to this episode, we had a lot of fun with this one!Chris Hewitt is the executive director of the Hudson Valley Current, an economic development organization that strives to keep money local and strengthen Main Streets. As a co-founder of the Current, our area’s local currency, publisher of Livelihood News, and creator of Tilda’s Kitchen on Broadway in Kingston, Chris loves to build economic engines with friends and community members.Melissa Orozco is a design and planning professional who can layout a publication as smoothly as organizing a large community event. Her work with VISITvortex and other local publications has connected her deeply to the region. After three years serving on the board of the Hudson Valley Current, Melissa recently shifted into a staff position with the organization to help run Tilda’s Kitchen and the Current with the community.To find out more about The Hudson Valley Current, Tilda’s Kitchen & Market or Livelihood Magazine, please visit:

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Current, please write to

HUDSY: Stream the Hudson Valley

Hosted by Aja Schmeltz & Terri Hall

On this episode, we are joined by Angel Gates and Laura Kandel, co-founders of HUDSY. We discuss the importance of sharing the wide array of Hudson Valley talent with the world. To help facilitate that, HUDSY will be launching  a new streaming app later this year! Team HUDSY has been very busy producing their own original content, partnering with local organizations and initiatives, implementing an apprenticeship program and kicking of their newest project, the Community Content Fund. This is a really fun and inspiring episode. We even get into it about the best concerts we have ever attended and those we want to attend – prepare to be surprised!

HUDSY’s digital streaming platform and local video production company is a non-traditional business, cooperatively owned and brought to you by a small group of locals dedicated to protecting and celebrating the Hudson Valley’s talent, diversity, recreational offerings, and culture.

To learn more about HUDSY’s work and their programs, visit or write to