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The Transition Narrative |

by Terri Hall

2021 is underway. Like you, we continue to forge our way forward through this pandemic landscape, doing our best to tend to our Good Work…on the job, at home, in our communities and the greater world “out there”, as well as within our own hearts. This month, we are resuming The Transition Narrative, GWI’s blog series documenting our ongoing experience of democratizing our workplace by becoming a Worker Self-Directed Nonprofit. We kick off our new slate of posts with “Set Down Those Bags,” in which Aja shares about our experience of facing power dynamics within our organization as we initiated the shift from a hierarchical to a shared leadership model. Our hope is that by peering through this window into our journey of creating Just Transition within the GWI organization, you might gain inspiration and insights into change you can bring to your Good Work.