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Help Us Build A Library!

We are building a lending library in the Greenhouse, our soon to open community, work, and educational space in Kingston, and we want to know what books, office, and AV equipment you and other local change agents most need.

Our library will focus on the just transition- namely on titles related to:

  1. Shifting economic control to communities
  2. Democratizing wealth and the workplace
  3. Advancing ecological restoration
  4. Driving racial justice and social equity
  5. Relocalizing most production and consumption
  6. Retaining and restoring cultures and traditions

Additionally, we will have a particular sub-focus on localism and the Hudson Valley.

If you have a spare moment, please consider filling out this brief questionnaire with the titles of the books, AV, and office equipment you think are essential to any such collection. 

Finally, if you have copies of any of the titles you recommend, or have any extra office/AV equipment, we are gratefully accepting donations.

Thanks for your time and consideration.