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The Transition Narrative |

Thank you to everyone who has been following GWI’s blog series on our journey of transitioning to a Worker Self-Directed Nonprofit. The response has been incredibly positive and thought-provoking. 

We will be taking a brief hiatus from posting as we wrap up 2019 and prepare to put our 2020 plans in action. We’ve been having some great conversations about what we will share when we resume posting in January. Something we’ve been thinking a lot about is  how roles function in a Worker Self-Directed Nonprofit and how we work together in our various capacities as circle members, workers, and trustees of the organization. We also have a ton of new policies we are putting the final touches on, and we will be sharing those with you all as soon as they are approved by our General Circle and the GWI Board. 

In the meantime, you can stay on top of GWI events and offerings on Facebook or Instagram. Happy end of the year to all of you!