Angela DeFelice

I initially connected with GWI as a Fellow in 2017. I’ve been able to collaborate with GWI staff on several occasions and tap into the Network to connect with people and projects. The fact that we, as a community, are all grounded in a shared set of principles, makes the Network that much more accessible and meaningful. 

For the last few years, I’ve worked to develop a fund to finance cooperatives in the HV. Many people in the Network have been learning partners for me in this work, and in the realm of cooperative development and shared leadership. Collectively we have created spaces where we can be honest about the hard work of sharing power and redesigning our organizations. I value these relationships, and hope I’ll be able to expand and deepen my connection to the Network. 

Sarah Carlson

GWI, as a network, space, and interview platform, has been a great support in my work as a filmmaker working with nonprofits to empower marginalized stories and voices. We needed a space to film interviews with the youth that was centrally located and accessible for the youth. The Greenhouse was perfect for that. It was a huge help to have access to that space when we had no other real options.

I have been connected to work partners through GWI’s Mighty Networks community, which I find to be a refreshing alternative to the major social media platforms. It’s needed to have a central Network whose role is supportive and healing, while we all try our best individually and collectively to do our good work. It allows us to pause, reflect, feel supported, and see one another better.