General, Communications, Development Circles

I am a pragmatic optimist, a voracious reader, and a hope-filled instigator, working towards a vision of the future that is joyful, abundant, and equitable.

Hélène (she/her) is inspired in all she does by the values outlined by Italo Calvino at the end of his life: lightness, quickness, exactitude, visibility, multiplicity, and consistency. She has deployed those qualities in a variety of roles – as artist, manager, curator, director, and founder – across the US, France and Taiwan. Currently she fosters connection, business development, social impact, and access to capital for community leaders, startups, entrepreneurs, activists and artists, to help build healthier economic and social ecosystems in the Hudson Valley. In addition to her role as Worker Trustee focused on organizational sustainability and communications at the Good Work Institute, she is a co-founder of CO, a co-working co-op and community center, and works as a mentor and coach to mission-led entrepreneurs and for startups. She is also on the board of Cooperatives for a Better World/, in support of an accelerator for cooperative startups, and volunteers her time with the Saugerties Democratic Committee and Middle Way School. To her work, she brings fifteen years experience as a producer, curator and interdisciplinary contemporary artist, devoted to nurturing creativity and experimentation in media, art, dance and theater. A dual citizen of France and the US, she is raising two daughters with her husband in the Catskills, grateful to be rooted in these mountains.