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As a romantic who strives to be a realist, this is a  favorite quote of mine: “We’re trying to create a better world, not a perfect one. It cannot ever be perfect.” –  Kapil Sibal

Terri joined GWI after many years working at Omega Institute, first as an independent contractor in their Development department, and later as the Omega Women’s Leadership Center’s Community Engagement Specialist.  A native of New York City, Terri has been a Hudson Valley resident for fifteen years and brings with her a diverse professional background including the worlds of modern dance (Nanette Bearden Contemporary Dance Theater) and public television and radio (Thirteen/WNET, Children’s Television Workshop, Public Radio Management). The mother of two teens, Terri has served on the board of CultureConnect, a Rhinebeck-based non-profit committed to preparing youth to interact with their local and global communities with intelligence, compassion, and cultural competence. She also served on the Rhinebeck CSD’s Wellness Committee and helped lead fundraising efforts for a local student cohort to the World Summit of Nobel Laureates in Bogota. She’s a graduate of the University of Michigan. Special loves include getting her hands in soil, experimenting in the kitchen, building fruitful connections, exploring near and far, and, ever and always, dancing.

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