Feza Oktay is a Poughkeepsie native who left the area to attend college, grad school and start a family, and then moved back here with his family nine years ago. He started the social enterprise North River Roasters in 2015 after inspiration to get into the coffee roasting business from his daughter working as a barista, combined with his volunteer work with Hudson River Housing’s Middle Main initiative and its revitalization of the historic Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory. When not roasting coffee Feza still does consulting work with not-for-profit organizations helping them with technology and financial management challenges. While he holds no degrees in coffee roasting just yet, other than a honorary one in Happy Caffeinated Customers, he has a BA in Computer Science and an MBA with a concentration in Public and Not-for-Profit Management. He also enjoys photography and even worked as a wedding photographer for a while.