Enid Futterman has worked advertising, musical theater, fiction, and journalism, often concurrently. She is presently co-founder/editorial director of IMBY, a network of hyperlocal websites for building community with citizen journalism and social networking. IMBY (in my back yard) evolved from OURTOWN, a much loved local print quarterly she co-published and edited for nine years. IMBY is an effort to continue the good work of community building while also succeeding as a business. In advertising, Enid wrote “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk”. In musical theater, the libretto, based on Anne Frank’s diaries, for “Yours, Anne, and book and lyrics, based on Robert Nathan’s novella, for “Portrait of Jennie”. In fiction, “Bittersweet Journey, a modestly erotic novel of love, longing and chocolate”. All her work is aimed at restoring the balance between the masculine and feminine principles. She lives in Claverack with John Isaacs, her partner in good work.