Dawn Breeze is an internationally represented artist living in Germantown, New York. Breeze’s work examines worthiness, interdependence, transformation and flux. She explores guiding questions in non-linear ways, moving freely between artistic disciplines, teaching, writing, visual and conceptual art, social practice and parenting. Breeze leads workshops titled, Creativity + Courage™. The workshops use art as a tool to help attendees discover and develop their individual creative voices. Breeze facilitates these public workshops throughout New England, and tailors private versions for institutions like Highwatch Recovery Center. She also runs the progressive arts program at The Liberi School in Hudson, NY. Breeze’s artistic achievements have been notably lauded, including: The NYSCA Individual Artist Award, Mass. Arts and Cultural Grant recipient, NYFA’s Mark Fellowship, The Linda Arnoud Artist Grant, Goddard Spirit Scholarship, and others.