Alliance, Greenhouse, General, and Development Circles

As one of my favorite human beings, Zadie Smith, says “time is how you spend your love” and every day I choose to spend my time thinking of ways I can support the work of my colleagues, and therefore the work of this beloved, and important organization. 

Caitlin brings a passion for process to everything she does at the Good Work Institute. One of the original employees of the organization, she has spent the last five years working to support each member of the team through compassionate, human-centered organizational design. 

Caitlin comes to the GWI with over fifteen years experience working in local economic development. Most recently, as the Director of Planning and Community Development at a Brooklyn-based industrial development nonprofit, she worked to strengthen economic resilience through collective learning and action. She re-launched a merchants association that had been dormant for over a decade and also founded a network of emerging food entrepreneurs focused on building the skills and relationships necessary to power a local renaissance in urban food manufacturing. 

After a career spent working on the program side of community-based initiatives, Caitlin has now found her calling supporting the work of others through her love of policy, strategy, design, and (surprisingly!) administration. She is the go-to on the team on issues of internal policy and operations design, and she also leads our Fiscal Sponsorship offering. She is a great resource if you are curious about the operation of our Worker Self-Directed Nonprofit, but she is also just as happy to talk about dogs, parenting strategies for toddlers, skiing, and craft brewing in the Northeast. 

[email protected]