Ari , Co-Director of DOORS UNLIMITED, is an artist and construction project manager whose work merges tactics of emergent planning, community ritual and performance. DOORS UNLIMITED has designed innovative structures for engaging advocacy, problem-solving, and creative play. These have taken the form of workshops, festivals, dinners, operas, and research labs, hosted and/or supported by the Art Services Initiative of Western NY, Habitable Spaces Artist Residency & Farm in Central TX, SenseLab in Montréal, the Prattsville Art Center, Sunview Luncheonette in Brooklyn, and the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. Ari finds the operations that occur within the inherently transitional space of the construction site as potential blueprints for new kinds of participation to develop and take root. Their goal is to encourage broader community involvement and exchange by organizing opportunities for sharing skills, stories and experimentation as part of the building process, prioritizing neighborhood sustainability over profit.