Community Response Fund

In April 2020, Good Work Institute launched the GWI Community Response Fund, a fundraising campaign, to activate our network and raise emergency funding for six regional groups that were out doing critical work to directly support people adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We raised over $16,000 from 116 donors in 9 days!

We are so grateful to everyone who donated during this fundraising sprint (April 7 – 16, 2020). These times call for collective action, and these rapid funds helped provide solid ground to support those working on the front lines.

An archive of the campaign

The crisis brought by this coronavirus, and the disruption it is causing, will have long-term effects on our local economy and society. There will be much work to do later to rebuild and redesign our systems. But right now, we need to bolster the work of our neighbors and nonprofits who are providing food, services, and direct aid. The six groups supported by this campaign are hands-on: they are alleviating hunger, financial hardship, health emergencies, and the profound stress on individuals and families dealing with this unprecedented moment.

100% of donations to front-line work

100% of the funds raised were distributed to the six organizations listed below. Funds were needed quickly, so we ran this campaign as a sprint; it opened on April 7th and we made donations to the orgs ten days later.

The Community Response Fund campaign was a time-limited effort and is no longer active. If you’d like to support the work of Good Work Institute, we are gratefully accepting donations.

Learn about the organizations

As a group, the organizations we supported with this campaign represent a broad range of community efforts that are effectively protecting vulnerable people across the Hudson Valley, and encouraging collaboration and action in the face of suffering and stress. We know there are many equally powerful efforts underway and while we celebrate them all, we decided to support these six groups through the GWI Community Response Fund campaign: