Many decisions we make personally, and collectively as a community, effect how well we will be able to sustain ourselves and our planet over the long term. At The O Zone in Red Hook, community members have the opportunity to learn about community-based and personal options for engaging in sustainability practices, whether through The O Zone’s bulk-refill store, Community Compost CSA program, or product-making workshops. On this episode of The Good Work Hour, Amelia Legare, the founder of the  O Zone shares her journey of establishing a business grounded in partnerships, love of community, and care for the planet.

Amelia Legare owns and operates a plastic-free, bulk-refill market & sustainability center called The O Zone. It is located in the open nature of the Hudson Valley, on Pitcher Lane in Red Hook. The O Zone brings together sustainability, health and education. Amelia has worked toward creating a space for the community to make healthy lifestyle choices, to exchange ideas of how to live in harmony with nature instead of at the expense of it, and welcomes everyone to contribute during a time when we need to protect our environment more than ever. Through The O Zone’s many services & offerings, she hopes to inspire & incentivize sustainable action within her growing community.


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