On this episode of the Good Work Hour, Terri and Micah welcome Isaac Green Diebboll (known as Ize to those who know him well!) Ize is a filmmaker from NY, living in Sullivan County. He went to a Quaker school, where he learned to appreciate the power of shared silence when he was young. He lives on a small farm and his film practice is supported by the disciplines of drawing, piano and dance. He has an MS degree in Urban Ecology from Parsons, and is a cofounder of the nonprofit org, ENGN Civic Creative Center. He’s served with his local fire department, planning board and human rights commission. Isaac is also involved in local indigenous language preservation.

His film Terrell Homes is the story of the fight for public housing in Newark, New Jersey. Told through multiple perspectives over 4+ years, the film centers on a resilient black matriarchy, featuring the personal narratives of residents, neighbors, activists and government officials, while tracing tedious planning meetings, protests, community gatherings and moments of prayer. This is a raw portrait of displacement, and a testimony to those who fight and die for what they believe in.

While Ize initially created short films to support the activism of the fierce matriarchy in this public housing community, he’s started editing a feature length film in order to show the legacy of the mothers of Terrell and to make visible the tragedy that many public housing communities face. Deep relationships with the residents have been cultivated over the years and it is his passion to ensure their stories are known.

Terrell Homes Trailer:      https://vimeo.com/645855828

Personal Website    www.greendiebboll.com

Personal Email      [email protected]

ENGN Website      www.engncntr.com