Hosted by Susan and Terri

In October 2020, our guests recognized the need to address and dismantle systemic racist practices throughout the Arlington Central School District. These two parents of students in the District joined with others and OnPAR (Arlington Partners Against Racism) was born. Our guests share their stories of how this grassroots organization was catalyzed and its many successful initiatives which have branched out to influence other school districts throughout Dutchess County. They also share wisdom from their experience of being committed anti-racist activists. For them, this work is emotional, all in, and ongoing. While it requires a constant push, it also includes moments of possibility, meaning, beauty and joy.    

As a Senior Manager and Notary Public at Dutchess Outreach, Nyhisha Gibbs serves as the “Chief Operating Officer” as she vets, coordinates, and schedules over 1,000 volunteers annually to serve and support Dutchess Outreach’s programs. A native of East New York, Brooklyn, she resides in the Mid-Hudson Valley with her spouse and four sons. Nyhisha earned a BA in Political Science from North Carolina State University in Raleigh and her Master of Public Administration from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in NYC. Nyhisha serves as a member of a number of community organizations.

Eva Woods Peiró is Professor of Hispanic Studies at Vassar College whose teaching and research focus on Iberian and Latin American film and media. Her campus-community work has involved chairing the Engaged Pluralism’s working group, “Bridging Local and Global Communities”; organizing Undoing Racism workshops; teaching Building Inclusive Communities with Latinx Poughkeepsie; working with and serving as a Board of Directors member for Conversations Unbound; co-founding the Poughkeepsie-Oaxaca City Friendship Committee Initiative; and committing herself to ongoing education around racial literacy, Intergroup Dialogue, racially just and equitable spaces, and most recently, the Arc of White Womanhood.