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Spaces Intended for Us: The Older Experience
April 23, 2021
Spaces Intended for Us: The Older Experience

One in a monthly series of explorations of motivation and means to attend to social equity in the spaces we create in our work and lives.


About this Event

Self-proclaimed “sit-down” comic, Verna Gillis, shares true stories from her one older woman’s show,”Tales from Geriassic Park–On the Verge of Extinction.” In the piece, she explores family, relationships, addiction, cancer, carbs, and navigating life as a 79-year old.

There is a vast difference between stating that your institution or organization is “welcome to all” versus “this space is intended for you.” The former lets people know anyone can come through the doors, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the principles, policies or mission will be inclusive to them. The latter clearly states that if someone does come into the space, there was attention and intention in its creation to take into account the needs of the array of human identities too often relegated to the margins, whether Latinx, Black or other people of color; LGBTQ+; people with accessibility needs; immigrants; elders; etc.

This online workshop will braid strands of mindfulness; particular media, fiction, and—most importantly—personal stories; and reflections prompted by these stories and by questions on your own experiences. This weave of considering the universal aspects of narrative, focusing our attention in the present moment, and tuning into our thoughts and questions, will spur our exploration and dialogue of what is; what it could mean to create spaces intended for all of us; and what it would mean for our own good work to commit to taking action to get there.

This offering is one in a monthly series of online workshops featuring story curators and tellers from different marginalized groups sharing their personal stories in order to provoke listeners to ask “what changes can I make within my life, communities and organizations to truly make the spaces created intended for all?”


Julie Novak (she/her), co-founder of TMI Project, will provide support in the facilitation of this offering , which will feature stories selected and told by:

Dr. Verna Gillis (she/her), has a storied career recording and producing multicultural albums with famous world musicians like Daneile Ponce. She founded Soundcape, a jazz club in New York City, a musical home to nurture the careers of countless musicians.


We limit the number of participants in this intimate workshop, and encourage you to register early to save your spot! Registration closes April 21st.

In lieu of a set registration fee, we are requesting $25 to help underwrite the cost of offering this workshop. GWI does not want your current access to financial resources to impede your participation. We don’t know whether your current access to financial resources is ample or limited. We are grateful to receive an offering aligned with what you can give, which may be more or less than $25. Please select only one ticket type per person upon registering. If you are registering more than one person, please register each one individually .

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