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Shared Leadership and Democracy in the Workplace (3 of 3)
May 24, 2021

We request that participants attend all three workshops.

Session 1 - May 18th: Tools for a Democratic Workplace

Session 2 - May 20th: Policies & Practices of Democratic Decision Making and Shared Leadership

Session 3 - May 24th: Building a Culture of Shared Leadership

Shared Leadership and Democracy in the Workplace (3 of 3)

Join GWI and Coop Hudson Valley online as we explore the tools, policies, practices, and culture of shared leadership and democratic decision making.

This workshop is full! If you want to be notified about the next time we offer it, most likely in the fall 2022, click here.

About this event

In 2019, the GWI team made the collective decision to move from a hierarchical organization to a Worker Self Directed Nonprofit. Together, we built a system of shared governance and leadership that serves the needs of our organization while honoring our unique talents as individuals.

In this three part series of online workshops, we will get into the nuts and bolts of tools, policies and practices that support democratic decision making, and discuss broader relational shifts that facilitate a culture of shared leadership. Throughout the series, we will explore the broader context of shared leadership applicable to different types of organizations, both for- and non-profit, as well use GWI’s transition as a case study to explore how we can bring democratic values into the way we work and build deeper connections to our impact, purpose, and each other. Rather than provide a specific template approach, this series is designed to support participating organizations to see opportunities to evolve their own structure and processes. Together, we will explore:

  • Tools for a Democratic Workplace
  • Policies & Practices of Democratic Decision Making and Shared Leadership
  • Building a Culture of Shared Leadership

We request that participating organizations send a minimum of two workers, and that participants attend all three workshops. Shared leadership is a collaborative practice, and we believe that the more workers present, the easier it will be for an organization to engage with this work. Our recommended best practice is to send a delegation of workers that represent different professional backgrounds and different levels of authority within the organization.


Angela DeFelice (she/her) grew up in a rural, working class community in Western NY, and for the last 11 years has lived in and around Poughkeepsie (Mohican-Munsee Lenape land). Her journey into the cooperative ecosystem began as co-founder and worker owner of Rock Steady Farm, a women and queer led farm. Angela is excited by the power-building potential of community and worker ownership, and brings this energy to her current work as Project Officer with Co-op Hudson Valley.

Micah (he/him) is of mixed race (black and white) and mixed religion, and grew up in two different socio-economic homes. He is a Worker Trustee of the Good Work Institute and is a member of the Academy, Development, Fiscal Sponsorship, Greenhouse, Learning and Network Circles. He is a cisgendered, working/middle class parent of two living on Munsee/Lenape land in the Mahicantuck Valley, commonly referred today as Kingston, NY, working to prove possibility and to liberate the imagination in order to see a Just Transition.

Caitlin Dourmashkin (she/her) is a white, middle class, cisgendered parent living in Brooklyn, NY (Canarsie-Munsee-Lenape land). She is a Worker Trustee of the Good Work Institute, Steward of our Operations Circle, and a member of the Fiscal Sponsorship, Greenhouse, and Learning Circles. For Caitlin, the transition from hierarchy to shared leadership was an eye-opening experience, representing a shift away from the often extractive practices of business-as-usual ways of working. She is committed to using the language of operations to illuminate the ways that shared leadership can lead to more productive, impactful, and personally fulfilling work and working relationships.


We have a limited number of spots available for this workshop, depending on the number of organizations and workers per organization that sign up. If you are interested we ask that you sign up as soon as possible. We will close registration no later than May 13th, possibly sooner based on the number of worker signups.

 Ticket prices (see Fee below) are per organization, and you are able to register up to five workers for each ticket. We request that each participating organization register at least two workers, and that participating workers come from diverse professional backgrounds and levels of authority within the organization. This is a multi-session workshop and we expect all participants to attend all three sessions. Once you provide basic registration information for your organization’s workers, they will each receive a form to complete their registration details.

 The fee for this workshop is on a sliding scale, determined by the annual budget of your organization. Each ticket covers all three sessions and includes registration for up to five workers at rates as low as $30-$120 per person depending on organization budget size and number of workers participating. We request that at least two workers from your organization participate, and recommend registering as many workers as are available to participate.

  • $150 For up to 5 people if your organization’s annual budget is less than $250,000 
  • $300 For up to 5 people if your organization’s annual budget is $250,000 to $500,000 
  • $450 For up to 5 people if your organization’s annual budget is $500,000 to $750,000 
  • $600 For up to 5 people if your organization’s annual budget is greater than $750,000

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