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2309_ Event Navigating Conflict Building Resilience
Navigating Conflict: Building Resilience for Your Working Relationships (6 of 8)
October 16, 2024

Wednesday, 9/11/24 (3:30 - 5:30pm)

Wednesday, 9/18/24 (3:30 - 5:30pm)

Wednesday, 9/25/24 (3:30 - 5:30pm)

Wednesday, 10/2/24 (3:30 - 5:30pm)

Wednesday, 10/9/24 (3:30 - 5:30pm)

Wednesday, 10/16/24 (3:30 - 5:30pm)

Wednesday, 10/23/24 (3:30 - 5:30pm)

Wednesday, 10/30/24 (3:30 - 5:30pm)

$400 (Requested); $240 - $480 (Sliding Scale)
Navigating Conflict: Building Resilience for Your Working Relationships (6 of 8)

Are you ready to dedicate some attention to a fresh approach to your working relationships? In this 8-week workshop, we will cultivate our capacity to connect with ourselves and others, practice nonviolent communication skills, and develop conflict resilience in our work with others.

*Details on fees, sliding scale, and scholarship options can be found below.*

When we pour ourselves into work we care about, we want to know it matters. We want to know that our collective efforts to bring about needed changes and work toward Just Transition will be fruitful. How disheartening, exhausting, and frustrating it is to see our hard work fall short as conflict slows down the momentum of our work or, worse yet, leads us to step away from collaborative efforts. 

And yet, tensions will arise in our working relationships. Think about the relationships most important to you: are any of them devoid of tension? The problem with tension is not that it exists but that the legacies of a domination paradigm (capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy, and scarcity to name a few) have left us without the skills we need to find learning and growth in the conflict that inevitably arises in big or small ways.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) offers us a toolkit to deepen our own embodied self-connection and build our capacity to relate to ourselves and one another with empathy so that we can show up more fully and authentically to our work in the world. As we begin to unpack the way that domination culture has shaped our very language, we can learn new/old ways of communicating that bring us more deeply into alignment with our values, our purpose, and into connection with one another as we work together to build the world we long for.

During this 8-week, online workshop, we will explore practical strategies for undoing domination in ourselves, our communication, our relationships, and our collaborations. Each two-hour session will include interactive content and practices to engage with real-time examples from your work and life. You will have the opportunity to be paired up with another participant for practice in between sessions. Because a shared experience with colleagues can make it easier to bring this language and these skills into your working relationships, we encourage you to sign up with one or more of the people you work with! This course will support you, and the colleagues and collaborators who join you, to:

  • Understand empathy: what is it and why does it matter in working relationships? How can I listen with empathy and compassion, with others and with myself?
  • Explore NVC as an embodied mindfulness practice 
  • Grow your capacity to tune into body sensations as valuable feedback from your nervous system pointing you towards what matters to you
  • Develop an awareness of and vocabulary for resonant language – including “feelings” and “needs” – and your understanding of the brain science behind why this kind of language works
  • Prepare for difficult conversations, and have more tools for “clean up” afterwards
  • Foster connection while maintaining personal authenticity
  • Identify patterns of domination culture and develop a needs-based orientation that can enable you to undo domination
  • Develop an empathetic listening practice with a buddy between sessions as a foundational tool for resourcing yourself to show up better in conflict and collaboration

This workshop is not meant to be a forum for working through active conflicts with one another, but rather a place to be supported in cultivating the skills that will help us to engage more effectively with conflict in our working relationships.

And, if you’ve previously taken Navigating Conflict: Communication Skills for Working Together or Navigating Conflict: Building Skills for Connection and Resilience, this is a similar offering…but not exactly the same. We are constantly learning and adjusting! Since we first offered this in 2020, we’ve added 2 weeks to the series. Past participants (including GWI workers who provide facilitation support) have found it very valuable to repeat the series…consider joining us again for a refresher and new material!


This offering will be facilitated by Nicole Bauman with the support of GWI workers.

Nicole Bauman is a midwest-based queer parent steeped in the sacred work of facilitation, transformative justice, somatics and Nonviolent Communication. They see building conflict resiliency as an essential part of living into the world to come, and are passionate about creating space where personal and collective liberation feel possible. As the descendant of white Western European peasant farmers who carried their trauma with them to the Americas, Nicole is committed to centering racial justice and ancestral healing in their work. Nicole’s background in farming, intentional community, yoga, doula work and natural building grounds their work in connection to the earth and the body. Nicole is a Certified Professional Healing-Centered Coach  and a student of Somatics with the Strozzi Institute and in the lineage of generative somatics. Nicole finds rootedness in growing food, daily walks to the river, weaving willow baskets, and tending and being tended by community in the Rust Belt city of Elkhart, Indiana (occupied Potawatomi territory). You can learn more about Nicole’s work at


We plan to close registration by or before September 6th, and are reserving spots for people identifying as BIPOC through that date. Register early to save your spot! 


Accessibility: Our registration form includes a question about accessibility needs. We are able to offer closed captioning for this online workshop.

Fee: This program is offered at a sliding scale. General guidance for selecting your fee can be found below. If it would be helpful to see how others think about sliding scale price points with more specifics, here’s a link to an external resource. Your registration fee covers online workshop facilitation and materials. Note: If you work with a nonprofit organization based in Kingston, NY, email Micah for information about deeper discounts available.  

Amount requested: $400 

If your participation is paid for by an organization with a regular professional development budget or if you are paying for this class on your own and your current level of expendable income is adequate, we encourage you to select this fee that supports us in covering the actual costs of offering this program. 

Sliding scale: $240 - $480

Tier one fee $240 If you are paying for this class on your own and doing so creates a sense of hardship because you currently experience limited access to a level of financial resources adequate to meet all your needs, we encourage you to select this discounted fee.

Tier two fee $320 If your participation is paid for by an organization with an irregular or limited budget for professional development or if you are paying for this class on your own and doing so creates a sense of trade-offs within your limited expendable income, we encourage you to select this discounted fee. 

Pay-it-forward fee $480 If your or your organization’s current access to financial resources is ample, we encourage you to select this pay-it-forward fee above the actual costs of offering this program to support discounts and scholarships that help make programs like this accessible to participants experiencing limited access to financial resources.

Scholarships: If the low end of the sliding scale is still out of reach, we have a limited number of scholarships available. Apply here or email if you would like to speak to someone first. 

Donations: We welcome donations to help provide discounts and scholarships for Good Work Institute programs. Email if you would like more information before considering a donation.

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