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Just Transition Primer
Just Transition Primer
September 25, 2020
Just Transition Primer

Let’s come together online to align analysis and action in support of effective, collective responses to the moment we are living in.


About this Event

A global pandemic has altered the fabric of our daily lives with so many threads of uncertainty woven in. A strong uprising and awakening to the necessity of overcoming racial injustice has been initiated and needs to be sustained. These – and other – realities of our current context only heighten the importance of connecting to explore a shared vision of Just Transition. What will it take to build systems centered on care for each other and our shared home? This is GWI’s focus in the Hudson Valley. We invite you to learn in community online about Just Transition framework and principles. Through video, reflection, story sharing, and small group discussion, you will:

  • See people from across the country describing aspects of Just Transition
  • Hear how other participants respond to the framework
  • Connect your own experience to extractive and regenerative economic paradigms
  • Gain a sense of the framework and principles, and where they come from
  • Discuss how you are drawn toward weaving one or more Just Transition principles into your Good Work


This offering will be facilitated by GWI Workers.




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These times call for collective action. Your gift is the solid ground that allows us to support and cultivate Good Work: that is, people and initiatives that are rejecting systems of oppression and extraction, and building regenerative economies and thriving communities.