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Just Transition in Action
Just Transition in Action
September 17, 2022
9:00 AM-5:30 PM
GWI Greenhouse
Just Transition in Action

Join IN PERSON with others seeking to engage in learning together about Just Transition and in generating clarity on ways we can move toward a regenerative economy.

Perhaps you’ve heard about Just Transition but wonder: What does that really mean? What would it look like on the ground, in our region? How do we do it? We invite you to dedicate a day to engage with a community of co-learners striving to deepen our understanding of Just Transition, our commitment, and our clarity about ways we can collectively work to amplify regenerative economies. What makes this an experience that stays with you are the ways it invites us to share our perspectives to generate shared understanding in connecting ways. Having not had the opportunity to facilitate this since the pandemic made being together in person unsafe, we are excited to bring this workshop back!  Here’s how a past participant describes it:

A workshop to wake up to the depth and breadth of the shifts happening, and what to look out for. – Sarah V.

Through interactive exercises, reflection, discussion, hands-on creativity, movement-based activities, inspiring examples, and compelling media, you will experience: 

  • How resources and work are combined to realize contrasting purposes in extractive and regenerative economies
  • What it feels like to be immersed in, and to carve out spaces from, extractive worlds
  • Stories of existing alternatives and possible futures that can liberate our imaginations
  • Insight into ways we can move from where we are to the future we are committed to 
  • A sense of how we can involve ourselves in working toward change 
  • Space to clarify your role and commit to one or more next steps in contributing to Just Transition

This GWI signature offering was developed by the Academy Circle with the support of Lisa Brawley and honed through learning from experience with participants. It will be co-facilitated by a combination of these GWI Workers, whose fuller bios are available here.

Micah (he/him) is of mixed race (black and white) and mixed religion, and grew up in two different socio-economic homes. He is a cisgendered, working/middle class parent of two living on Munsee/Lenape land in the Mahicantuck Valley, commonly referred today as Kingston, NY, working to prove possibility and to liberate the imagination in order to see a Just Transition.

Terri (she/her) is a black, cisgendered, working/middle class mother of two, living in Philadelphia (Lenni Lenape land). Through her work, she focuses on relationship and community building, and contributing to greater shared understanding of the Just Transition framework throughout the Hudson (Mahicantuck) Valley.

Susan (she/her) is a white, working/middle class, cisgendered parent who strives to express callings and longings to facilitate learning, support collaboration, organize information, engage conflict, connect across difference, create lasting conditions for greater equity, and contribute toward justice in her communities based in Poughkeepsie, NY (Wappinger-Munsee-Lenape land) and the wider Mahicantuck Valley.


We are opening registration to the first 20 participants and closing it by or before noon on September 12, 2022. Register early to save your spot!

Your registration fee covers workshop facilitation, materials, and lunch, snacks, and beverages.

Amount requested: $75 

The registration fee reflects discounts made possible by the generous support of our donors. The full cost of the workshop is $100.

Sliding scale: $50 - $100

If your current access to financial resources is limited, please consider paying less than the registration fee. If your current access to financial resources is ample, please consider paying more toward the full cost of the workshop and helping underwrite costs for fellow participants. 


If the low end of the sliding scale is still out of reach, we have a limited number of scholarships available. Apply here or email if you would like to speak to someone first. 


We welcome donations to help provide discounts and scholarships for Good Work Institute programs. Email us if you would like more information before considering a donation.

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