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Course Correction Learning Group
September 8, 2020
Course Correction Learning Group

Discuss how the COVID-19 crisis is a time of possibility to act collectively to make ecological and economic shifts we need in our region.


About this Event

Between May and July, 30 members of the GWI Network participated in Course Correction, a series of webinars offered by Movement Generation accompanied by a series of learning group discussions facilitated by GWI. On September 1st from 6-8 pm, Movement Generation will be offering a final online opportunity for allies across the country to discuss ways the COVID-19 crisis can be a time of possibility to act collectively to make the ecological and economic shifts we need. On September 8th, we invite you to meet up with GWI workers and network members focused on our regional context to revisit and amplify the insights and actions ideas we generated during the series. Our discussion will reference key ideas from the Movement Generation Course Correction webinars. If you missed them and wish to be part of this important conversation in our regional context, you can view the webinar videos on YouTube (links below):


This discussion will be facilitated by GWI Workers.

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