Who We Are

Good Work Institute is a 501(c)(3) with a mission to cultivate the skills, wisdom, and connections we all need to work in ways that regenerate our lives, our communities, and the Earth.

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What We Believe

We must cultivate new ideas of what it means to be successful and develop new ways of knowing and honoring ourselves, the natural world, and all the people in our communities. Then, and only then, can we move beyond less bad, and do the good work that is truly needed.

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What We Do

We run fellowships, workshops, and events that focus on surfacing inner wisdom and actively engaging communities in social, economic, and ecological regeneration. Our programs prioritize compassion, wisdom, and ethical integrity, above growth, competition, and profit maximization.

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Hudson Valley Fellowship

The Hudson Valley Fellowship Program aims to develop and educate a diverse community of local leaders, placemakers, and entrepreneurs in the Hudson Valley of New York and supports their work to build equitable and regenerative community-based economies.

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Good Work Community

Learn more about our community, stay abreast of news and events, and see the books, essays, and videos that have inspired our work.

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