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Drawdown Kitchen

The Morton Memorial Library | 82 Kelly St, Rhinecliff, NY, 12572

The choices we make in the kitchen, from what we eat to what we do with the waste we leave behind, have broad implications on the climate and ecology of the Earth. Using Paul Hawken’s inspired book, Drawdown, as a guide, participants will explore the climatic impacts of agriculture and learn how our dietary selections can reverse global warming, support our local farming community, and cultivate a healthy body.

Topics covered include:

•GHG emissions and other ecological impacts from agriculture globally and in the US
•Planetary and health benefits of a plant-rich diet
•Basic understanding and benefits of regenerative, conservation, and organic/biodynamic agriculture
•Food waste- globally, in the US, and in our homes and tips for its reduction
•Introduction to compost

Sponsored by Backyard to Table, this event is free and open to the public.

Presented by GWI’s Matt Stinchcomb