As an organization, we aim to embody the teachings we offer. To that end, our work is driven by the following seven principles.

1. Honor nature.

We recognize our inter-being with the natural world, and aim to make our places better than they would be without us.

2. Build connection.

We work in ways that form and strengthen relationships. We are collaborative, not competitive.

3. Nourish our full humanity

Our work is not just about earning money;  it shapes who we are and is how we express ourselves in the world. We strive to work in ways that engage our full mental, physical, and spiritual faculties, confer joy, and inspire.

4. Embody integrity.

We offer products and services that are worthwhile and of ethical and structural integrity. We have no secrets, as we stand by the quality of our work.

5. Build equity.

We acknowledge that certain people have been unfairly victimized and disadvantaged by much bad work. Our work recognizes and aims to right these transgressions.

6. Grow appropriately.

We are aware of the impacts of our work, and grow only in ways that create benefit for all the people and places it touches.

7. Leave room for emergence.

We recognize that not everything can, nor will ever be known. We strive to stay curious, be unattached, and leave room for what emerges.