Our mission is to educate and connect​ a network of local community members and actively support​ their collaborative efforts to regenerate their places.

The way that many of us are living and working today does not fully account for the harm we are causing ourselves, our neighbors, or our planet. By putting financial gain above all else we are contributing to ecological destruction, inequality, and injustice. Many of us recognize this, yet still we seem unable to do anything different.

The Good Work Institute believes that this is not a problem of morals, but one of education.

From a young age we are taught to think like industrialists when we should be thinking, as Aldo Leopold suggests, more like mountains. Cultivating what’s required to heal the planet and build a livable future for all, calls for a new kind of education. The Good Work Institute was created to provide this, and to help us recognize and reconnect to the fundamental truth that all living things are interdependent. To that end, we provide workshops, fellowships, and events that help us live and work in ways that honor the fact that our own success is not separate from the success of the people and places of our communities.

Today, we are working specifically to demonstrate this in the Hudson Valley of New York. Here our programs cultivate and surface the deep wisdom, connections, and experiences that exist in this place, and support local leaders as they gain the clarity, courage, and commitment to work towards its regeneration.

The real power of our work, however, rests not solely in our approach or content, but in the connections that are made between participants. Another major focus of ours is to develop and steward a network of local leaders, placemakers, and entrepreneurs and support the good work they’re doing in the Hudson Valley. Ultimately, the shift to a regenerative and equitable future will only happen when networks of enlightened, engaged, and inspired citizens come together in their places and do the good work to make it so.