Founded in mid-2015, The Good Work Institute is a non-profit organization with a mission to educate and connect​ a network of local community members and actively support​ their collaborative efforts to regenerate their places.

Around the globe, but most profoundly here in the USA, we have embraced an economic system that puts financial gain, endless growth, competition, and individual success above all else. The consequences have been dire- with inequality, injustice, ecological degradation, and depression accelerating at alarming rates.

It is our opinion, that these intersecting crises are at their root, a matter of disconnection, not immorality. We believe that we humans have the capacity and the unique capabilities to meet these challenges, but only if we chose to reconnect and remember that our own individual success is not separate from the success of all the people and places of our communities.

Ultimately, the shift to a regenerative and equitable future will happen when networks of engaged, and inspired community members come together in their places and do the work to make it so. Today, we are working specifically to demonstrate this in the Hudson Valley of New York. Our programs help surface the deep local wisdom, connections, and experiences that exist in this place, and support local community members as they build a thriving future for all.

The Good Work Institute is a 501(c)(3), non profit organization.

We rely on your financial support to keep our programs running.

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