The GWI Fellowship Program aims to develop and educate a diverse community of local leaders, placemakers, and entrepreneurs in the Hudson Valley and support their work to build a regenerative and equitable local economy.

Over the course of these 5 month programs, cohorts of 20- 30 fellows cultivate the clarity, make the connections, increase their confidence, and deepen their commitment to doing regenerative work throughout the region.


  • Exploration, articulation and alignment of essence, vocation, and mission
  • Deeper understanding of what is truly essential in one’s life
  • Greater understanding of the role fear plays in one’s decision making


  • All fellows join a close knit network of hundreds of local leaders
  • A deeper connection to and understanding of the places of the region
  • Exploration of the interconnection of all life


  • The courage to take aspiration to action
  • New capabilities as a leader working for positive local change
  • Practices to cultivate greater resilience


  • Increased volition
  • Specific plan to turn aspiration into action
  • Ongoing support to help regenerative initiatives succeed