HV Fellowship

The Good Work Fellowship is a six month program that brings together a network of engaged, local community members and actively support​s their collaborative efforts to create a thriving future for the people and places of the Hudson Valley.

Over the course of this experiential education program, more than thirty local fellows will co-develop and pilot regenerative solutions to pressing challenges and opportunities in the Hudson Valley. In the process, they cultivate inner clarity around personal essence and purpose, become equipped to collaborate deeply with a diverse group of stakeholders, deepen their knowledge and understanding of their places, learn and develop widely applicable tools and processes in design, communication, and problem solving, and grow the confidence to put these tools and this wisdom to use in the building of a future that works for all.  Most importantly, participants form deep and lasting connections with their fellow local stewards, and join an ever-growing and diverse network of people working for a positive future for the Hudson Valley.


  • Acceptance is by application only.
  • Full scholarships are awarded to all fellows invited to participate.
  • This is a regional program with sessions and projects organized around sub-regional hubs.
  • Each fellow will be assigned to a hub based on where they are located.
  • This is an experiential program, where fellows grow skills and build relationships by designing and testing initiatives collaboratively.

Who Should Apply?

Anyone who is committed to doing the good work needed to make the Hudson Valley thrive and ready to aid in the shift away from an extractive towards a regenerative economy should apply.

Each GWI cohort is comprised of more than thirty entrepreneurs, placemakers, and community leaders from the greater Hudson River Valley region. We seek to assemble a diverse group of public, private, and nonprofit leaders from all sectors and stages in work/business and encompassing all demographic, socioeconomic, and geopolitical backgrounds.